Welcome! My name is Amanda Vandervort and this is my personal blog.

I am currently the Director of Social Media at Major League Soccer, Vice President of the National Soccer Coaches Association of America, and Marketing and Communications instructor for FIFA Women's Football Development. All opinions are my own.

Five Trends In Social Media

MLS hosted a Business Summit in Columbus earlier in September, which offered a great opportunity for club and league employees to discuss ideas and align goals. Not surprisingly, social media was a hot topic of conversation, and I presented a session on trends we’re seeing in the space. I’ve reworked them a bit from that presentation and posted a similar list here.

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FIFA Women’s Com-Unity Seminar in St. Lucia

Working with the St. Lucia Football Association has been a wonderful experience, and I’m excited to see that the commitment to girls’ soccer development on the island is both genuine and well-planned. They are one of the few countries I’ve ever come across with a comprehensive Development Plan for female football, and a President who is steadfast in his commitment to it. I look forward to following St. Lucia’s progress in the months and years ahead.

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Where in the World?

As I type this, I’m sitting in Newark airport… post MLS All-Star Game and NSCAA Board of Directors meeting, and pre-FIFA Com-Unity Course in St. Lucia… And I’m thinking to myself, Yeah, I’m absolutely exhausted, but I really must be one of the luckiest people on the planet. I do what I love, and I […]

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