As an athlete, coach and executive, I’ve been extremely fortunate to travel the globe and experience many cultures through the unique lens of soccer. From watching an explosive come-from-behind victory at River Plate in Buenos Aires, to coaching in a gay men’s soccer tournament in Denmark, my travels have undoubtedly influenced my perceptions of both the world and of myself.

I’ve flown a 2-seat glider plane over the dirt pitches of Southern Holland and cheered with the Swedes at the Olympic Stadium in Berlin at the World Cup. I’ve been humbled by a coach in Tanzania who had had nothing more than a soccer ball, and a little girl in the Caribbean who had no shoes. I’ve been delighted by the U.S. Women’s National Team winning the FIFA Women’s World Cup, and destroyed by my Monday night league team struggling to make the playoffs.

Soccer has given me unique perspective, memories, friendships, and struggles for which I am truly grateful.

Professional Experience

Capturing a Twitter Mirror selfie at the MLS State of the League address at Univision Studios.
Capturing a Twitter Mirror selfie at the MLS State of the League address at Univision Studios, December 2014.

I’m the Vice President of Fan Engagement at Major League Soccer, where I work across the enterprise to help deliver a great fan experience. My team manages ‘direct-to-fan’ channels and optimizes media using fan insights and enhanced data management.

I was originally hired as the Director of Social Media in February 2012. In this role, I oversaw the league’s social media strategy, planning, scheduling and implementation. I worked with partners and agencies to support product development, while analyzing and reporting on social initiatives to establish KPIs that define success and educating, enabling and energizing stakeholders about the changing landscape of social technologies.

Before MLS, I was with Women’s Professional Soccer, first as the Director of Online Marketing, Website and Camps at the Chicago Red Stars, helping them get the business up and running, then as the New Media Manager at the WPS league office. My job was to maintain the website as the leading source for women’s soccer news in the world, while educating and remotely training the web managers at nine markets across the country in areas such as the content management system, e-newsletter campaign, social media marketing and search engine optimization.

In July 2010, WPS went through a complete restructure and the league, unfortunately, folded about 18 months later. Fortunately for me, demand for social media marketing in sports was incredible, so I launched my own business, Vandervort Digital, to help sports leagues, teams, universities, small businesses, executives, athletes and coaches develop personalized social media strategies.

Coaching Career

Coaching is the first thing I tell people when they ask what I do, because even if I’m not on the pitch every day, that’s where my heart will always be. I hold my USSF B Coaching License and my NSCAA Premier Diploma. I am a Past President of the United Soccer Coaches (2016), and spent 10 years on the Board of Directors. I also spent five years as Chair of the Women’s Committee.

I was the Head Women’s Soccer Coach at New York University for four years. Before that, I worked as the Graduate Assistant Soccer Coach at The College of New Jersey, where we were Mid-Atlantic Regional Champions, NJAC Champions and NCAA Elite Eight. I earned my Master’s Degree in Educational Technology while working as a licensed Real Estate Agent for Weidel Realtors.

As a collegiate four-year scholarship goalkeeper for the University of Wyoming, I was selected captain as a junior and senior, was voted the teams Most Inspirational Player, and earned the Pokes Strength Award. I studied Communications with a focus in Technology Education, and yes, am still proud to say I was the Computer Lab Manager for the College of Education. I also interned with the Wyoming Women’s Business Center, a non-profit arm of the Wyoming Small Business Development (SBD) that focused exclusively on women in business, certainly giving me valuable insight for my career today.

Women’s Soccer Development

Let's Develop Women's Football event.
Speaking on a panel called “Football Pathways” at CONCACAF’s Let’s Develop Women’s Football event in Philadelphia, October 2014.

After speaking on a media panel at the FIFA Women’s Symposium at the 2011 Women’s World Cup, I joined FIFA Women’s Football Development as a Marketing and Communications Instructor.

In my role, I help member associations better understand and communicate the positive benefits of women’s soccer, while also helping them attract partners and sponsors. We work to improve cooperation and communication between a FIFA member association (MA), its government, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) working in the country, other partners and the media.

This work with FIFA has allowed me to travel to amazing places and meet incredible people in Jamaica, Tanzania, St. Kitts and Nevis, Grenada, St. Lucia and India. I’ve visited Home of FIFA in Zurich for an instructors seminar and traveled to the FIFA Women’s World Cup in Canada.

Hands-On Education

My husband, Ethan, was the original inspiration for my website, which was born back in 2007 (my archives only go back to 2008 b/c of a major domain migration) as a way for me to learn multiple facets about the art and science known as SEO, content management systems (WordPress baby!), Thesis, and Google for Publishers (Adsense, Analytics, etc.).

I truly believe in the power of both soccer and technology to bridge divides between people, races, genders, cultures and countries. Please don’t hesitate to send me DM on Twitter message if you want to talk MLS, United Soccer Coaches, NWSL, player development, social media, data management, content, design or really anything soccer-related.

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  1. Hi Amanda,
    I stumbled upon ur blog by accident. Nice job! I started a site with Brandi Chastain. I’d love you to check it out. I manage it myself now, but we’re starting to grow. I would love to pick ur brain about getting some help.
    Congrats again, and welcome to the bay area. Btw, I went to NYU.

  2. Amanda,
    Twitter Question for you. I have created 3 accounts and was wondering if it is possible to use my one phone number with all three? In my ignorance it looks like I can only use one number for one account.
    Any ideas?

    Thanks in advance,


  3. Hey Kevin,
    Unfortunately no, I’m pretty sure each account is linked to one email account and one phone number. (If anybody has other information, please by all means share/correct me.) Kev, can you tell me a little more about why do you have 3 accounts, maybe we can streamline a bit? Good stuff getting started btw! :-)

  4. Amanda,

    I have recenlty (in the last hour) tweeted you. I think your take on the science of soccer is first class. As a 25 year old former NCAA goalkeeper myself, who now operates as a web designer/developer and a u-12 coach, I not only relate to your writing, but idolize your position in the field. I can only hope to achieve your success so far and wish you even more!

    Best Wishes,
    Sam Luedke

  5. Hey Sam, Got your tweet, obviously… Thanks so much for your comment, and telling me about yourself too. Means a lot to have others in the field who can relate to this crazy soccer-web-world we live in; I know I could never go at this alone ;-) Let’s keep in touch, and if there’s ever anything we can connect on together I think it would be fun. All my best, Amanda

  6. Hi Amanda, you have a great blog here, its great to see the women’s soccer scene making so much progress, here in the UK too the women’s soccer league is advancing so quickly and it was nice to watch Everton beat Arsenal in the cup final this week.

  7. Hi there,

    My name is Drew Tyler. I am interested in writing some articles for your site. I have been playing soccer for most of my life, and now coach my son’s team. I am a die-hard soccer fan and follow most games; EPL, MLS, La Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga and of course the WORLD CUP! To top it all off, I am a high school English teacher. (So you’ll never have to worry about receiving grammatical errors from me!) I have attached some of my work for you to take a look.

    Please let me know if you are interested in having me write for your site. Thank you.

    I hope to hear from you soon.

    Kind regards,

    Drew Tyler
    “The Soccer Dude”


  8. Hi Amanda,
    Hope You’re well. So bad we could not meet at SoccerEX.
    I wanted to give you more information about SOLIVE we presented during SoccerEX – our social media publishing tool in real time : https://vimeo.com/138325052
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    Ex end of match for Manchester City : https://twitter.com/MCFC/status/663375735713853442
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    We already work with the PSG, FFF in France and with Manchester City in England. In talks with lots of clubs and federations.
    WE have a meeting with NBA in early december.

    Some of your clubs (Dallas, LA, etc…) told us to contact you directly, but they found the app very great
    How can we work together?

    Looking forward to hearing from you soon,

  9. Hello there Amanda, you have an awesome blog here, its incredible to see the ladies’ soccer scene gaining such a great amount of ground, here in the UK too the ladies’ soccer class is propelling so rapidly and it was decent to watch Everton beat Arsenal in the glass last this week.

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