Five First Impressions of Google Glass

I was lucky to be selected as part of the Glass Explorer program (thanks to my rock star team at Google Plus!), and after a couple days of obsessing over them, practicing with them, and showing them off all around New York City, here are five of my first impressions.

1. Glass is all about what’s happening right now.

When I take a photo, I share it. When I receive a tweet, I reply. After the moment has passed, any piece of content or comment feels like old news, and the way a user accesses cards in timeline isn’t really conducive to searching back through old photos, videos, tweets or searches. Though it is pretty handy that all your photos are automatically backed up to Google Plus.

20130706_130221_236 Coffee

2. Glass is a curiosity.

People take photos of me on the subway and stop me in the street to ask about them. When I’m in stores or at work people want to try them on. My optometrist was so intrigued he even tried to do my eye exam through them!

williams_sonoma Glass on the subway
Eye Doctor Erin

3. Glass is probably better with Android.

I’m currently connected to Glass via my iPhone, which works fine, but I can’t send text messages or get directions. The Android app, My Glass, which enables these features, could be a real game changer.

4. Glass takes incredible photos.

The ability to snap a photo the moment I see a good shot without having to grab my phone, load the camera app, and line up the shot, is incredible. And the image quality is surprisingly sharp.

Brooklyn Brooklyn BridgeGlass Studio Building

5. Glass has a serious learning curve.

Remember the days when Apple hosted courses on, “How to use your iPhone?” When Glass is released to the public expect much the same from Google. Getting a handle on My Glass website, uploading and installing apps, and using the hardware is going to become more complex as the technology evolves. Here’s Sunil, my awesome Glass Guide, and my first-ever Glass selfie – which I had to find a mirror to take!

sunil selfie

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  1. Hi there. How long do you get to keep them and how long did it take to get used to using them? I was part of the “test group” for the Google Chrome book and it was an awesome experience. Took a couple of months to get used to having no desktop and being all web based. Now I’m basically 99% all cloud n web based.

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