MLS and the soccer community support #KeepHerInTheGame

#KeepHerInTheGame – That’s the hashtag the Women’s Sports Foundation is pushing throughout the weekend to raise awareness of two key issues:

  • The 40th Anniversary of Title IX (June 23, 1972)
  • By age 14, girls are dropping out of sports at twice the rate of boys.

WSF is working to mobilize the sporting community to support girls and young women to continue playing, because, “when they walk away from sport, they walk away from their potential.”

Keeping girls in the game means keeping girls active, healthy, strong and confident. It is a fundamental need with profoundly positive outcomes. It is why we educate, fund and inspire girls to stay in sports.

I’m proud to say that with the encouragement and guidance of SUM’s rockstar President, Kathy Carter, Major League Soccer is supporting the movement as well. Here’s a quick rundown of how we activated:

  • Internal emails to the MLS league office and league-wide to encourage staff to change their Facebook and/or Twitter profile picture to them as a young athlete or a young female athlete that they support.
  • Blog post on in both English and Spanish.
  • Posted the PSA from Gatorade/WSF to and YouTube with an MLS-specific voice-over.
  • Posts on Facebook and Twitter.
  • A Facebook Photo Gallery with images of MLS employees and executives who have been impacted by Title IX.
  • WSF/Gatorade ads about #KeepHerInTheGame throughout our digital inventory (ads on the website).
  • PSA in our halftime videos on MLS Live, our online streaming service.
  • In-Stadium support all weekend including field boards and video boards.

Nearly every one of my coworkers played a role in bringing this to life; A big thanks to everybody who participated, supported and worked to make this happen.

One thought on “MLS and the soccer community support #KeepHerInTheGame

  1. You answered my question asked on 02.13.2014 on the HOA “Major League soccer and G+” here on your blog.The question asked if MLS had plans to provide coverage for women’s professional soccer.

    I see you have been down that road before.

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