Twitter Stories by Major League Soccer

After Twitter’s recent compilation of Twitter Stories, the good folks at took a moment to reflect on the tremendous impact this social medium has had on Major League Soccer and the American soccer experience. We posted a few of our favorites to the site in December, which you can see here.

Personally, my favorite Twitter Story of 2011 was when Kyle Rogers invited NFL Star Chad Ochocinco to training at Sporting KC… and he came! From

    When Sporting KC staff member Kyle Rogers saw that the NFL’s Chad Ochocinco had some spare time on his hands, he floated the idea of training with Sporting KC. The chances of Number 85 wearing the team’s kit were minimal at best, but improbably, the wide receiver responded, “Yes, I’m ready. Where and when do I sign the contract?”

    Buzz spread like wildfire on Twitter, and even Sporting striker Teal Bunbury offered his belief that Ochocinco would make “a great addition to the team.”

    Sporting KC head coach Peter Vermes felt that Ochocinco was ready for a tryout at least, and offered him just that the following week. After a good effort in training, the NFL star earned an appearance with the Sporting reserves and was named an “honorary member” of the team.

Pretty cool, right? You can read more MLS Twitter stories by following any of these links. Enjoy!

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