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Last week, announced the formation of a new Fans section. The welcome letter to fans describes this initiative – here’s an excerpt:

Over the last decade, you have embraced Major League Soccer and created the most unique fan experience in North America. Each week, you unfurl your tifo displays, you sing your love songs to the players, you organize and attend watch parties, and you launch a thousand discussions at the watercooler, on the web, and just about anywhere people are talking social media.

In other words, MLS fans have created their own unique fan culture, and it’s one that deserves its own section: the MLS FANS section. Here, we will shine a light on what it means to be an MLS fan, as defined by the fans themselves. It will feature all that MLS fans are doing and help enrich everyone’s game-day experience.

You’ll find links to supporters groups and MLS pubs. We’ll post weekly contests and promotions so you can Tweet and Facebook your way to winning all kinds of cool prizes. Keep your eyes peeled for opportunties to share and shape the game-day experience with your fellow fans – like telling others where the best pregame watering holes are in your local area, the best tailgating spots at your stadium, and the best food to eat once you’re inside.

Here are a few articles that recap the first two social media initiatives as part of this new fan-focused section.

Personally, my favorite page is Contests/Promotions, where MLS will keep a running list of cool promotions, contests and events that fans can participate in through the league’s digital properties.

I’d love to hear what you think about this new section of Do you have recommendations to make it better, or suggestions for cool content? The team at is all ears and wants to make this section the most informative, useful, cool place on the web for MLS fans.

Feel free to leave a comment below or tweet me with your thoughts.

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