In Seattle for MLS First Kick

I’m in Seattle, Washington, for MLS First Kick. I haven’t been here since I was 19 to be fair, and wow! The weather is just like I remember ;-) Anyhow, this is just a quickie blog post about my two days so far.

Yesterday I went to the Sounders front office and got the gran tourismo from their Digital Manager, Kenton Olson. Big thanks for taking the time to show me around the amazing facility – I honestly didn’t realize how many resources the Sounders share with the Seahawks, quite impressive! I also got some QT with Bill Chapin and Huy Nguyen before I had to catch my cab into the city.

Last night I had dinner with the MLS Insider, Shawn Francis, at an amazing French bistro near Pike Place Market before we popped over to the LA Galaxy‘s videographer Troy Bardy’s place for a nightcap. Early this morning, I had breakfast in the hotel with the crew. We were of course surrounded by MLS talent – from Galaxy players to the Commissioner. Then I was off to do some social media work.

So here I am getting ready for the game. I’m headed to Pioneer Square in about 20 minutes for the tailgate before the March to the Match. Think I’ll get to meet Drew Carey?

Anyhow, here are a couple Digital Announcements that we’ve made in the last couple days – It’s been a flurry of activity for sure. My co-workers never cease to amaze and impress me!

I’ll be sure to post tomorrow after I’ve recovered from the awesomeness I’m anticipating a game at Qwest Field will be – Woohoo!

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