Email to the Women’s Committe – Good links!


I just sent this email out and I wanted to share it with everybody:

Hi NSCAA Women’s Committee,

I am am sitting in the WPS Draft, but I wanted to write to you and let you know how amazing the social was last night. The room was PACKED (250-300+/- coaches of female athletes). The speakers were amazing (Courtney Carter from MLS/SUM, Emma Hayes from the WPS Chicago Red Stars, and Pia Sunhage from the USWNT). Pia even sang a song to the group which was awesome!!!

Special thanks to Charlotte and Kathy who organized the event, along with the NSCAA Convention Committee. And Robbie Robinson who said it was okay to keep the bar open even though we were way over our anticipated budget. Sue and Louise, all your hard work over the years as Chairs of the committee showed last night with this event! Lisa, April & Colleen, your work on the Algarve Cup has been amazing, and I’m happy to say that we sold a ticket at the social last night. I’m sure there are many more people to thank, but I have to get to the WPS draft right now (Chicago’s on the clock with the second pick) so I’ll get back to email shortly.

I’ve also uploaded photos from the Convention… enjoy!

Also, I did some investigative reporting I thought you might like :-)

More to come… Can’t wait for the breakfast!


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