Competitive And Competing Women’s Professional Soccer Leagues Will Help Develop The Global Game

This post was written in response to a article published on August 18th titled, “New US league targeting our players, Arsenal warn.” I believe that the advent of Women’s Professional Soccer here in America, which sets as its mission to be “the global standard by which all leagues around the world are measured,” will do more to encourage women’s leagues, teams and players than anything else the world over.

How Did The Germans Get So Darn Good At Soccer?

Emma Hayes, the Head Coach of the Chicago Red Stars, is in China at the Olympic Games. Today, she blogged about the growing parity among teams at the world level. This post is my response to that blog. Here, I will look at the growth of women’s world soccer, the German development of the game in their home country, and what this means to the American market.

Quote from Red Stars Head Coach Emma Hayes about WPS

Emma Hayes is in China to watch the Olympic Games. She says, “Unlike economies of this world where the rich get richer and the poor get poorer, the Women’s game is developing at a rate where teams are getting closer to each other with every passing year.” She delivers a strong quote about the future of the US soccer program in this post.

08.08.08. The Global Growth of Women’s Soccer from China 1991 to Today

Today is the opening ceremony for the Beijing Olympics, so I thought it would be fun to visit the history of women’s soccer – China is where it all (technically) began back in 1991. This post references two documents, please take a moment to download them. They’re worth the read :-)